Loopline Olives - Masterton New Zealand
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The Loopline Olive Grove was planted in 2001 and is on the stoney Opaki Plains north of Masterton.

The grove was established by The Hughson family of Wellington. The owners, Mark and Kate Bunny moved to Loopline Olives in February 2009, having returned to Opaki after 15 years out of the area. During their time away the district has changed from pastoral grazing to being dominated by award winning boutique wineries. They say that where good wine is produced so grows good olive oil and since the initial harvest Loopline Olive Grove has received the following awards:

  • 2014 NZ EVOO Awards
    • Best in show - Picholine
    • Best in class - Picholine
    • Gold - Picholine
    • Silver - Picual
  • Kate and Mark consolidated as new owners of LoopLine Olives
  • 2008 NZ EVOO Awards
    • Silver - Fvantoio
    • Silver - Leccino
  • 2007 NZ EVOO Awards
    • Gold - Fvantoio
  • 2006 NZ EVOO Awards
    • Silver - Leccino Fvantoio Blend
  • 2005 ONZ Wairarapa Olive Oil Wards
    • Gold - Grove Blend

When the trees were young we hand picked the fruit with family and friends. With a bigger harvest we now use a mechanical harvester. The olives are immediately transported to our local press where they are pressed as soon as possible. The oil is returned to the olivery and is stored in ideal conditions until it is ready for our customers. Our oil carries the Olives New Zealand quality Mark.

We are a member of Wairarapa Olives New Zealand (WONZ) & Olives NZ (ONZ).

We are active members and have held field days demonstrating pruning techniques.