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We accept phone and email orders and can organise shipment of our oil to anywhere in New Zealand. For this we can accept payment by cheque or direct debit.

We have 250 ml and 500ml bottles available to sell to our boutique food outlets, delicatessens and other valuable customers.

Refill your own 750ml wine bottle at:

  • Masterton Bin Inn
  • Dinsdale Bin Inn Hamilton

Complimentary label and pourer for first time users

We sell bulk premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil for food service in 15 – 50 litre containers.

We welcome visitors to the grove for oil tastings or a visit to wander our grove.

Please contact us for orders for 250ml or 500ml bottles and bulk orders

Email sales@looplineolives.co.nz or phone 06 370 3710 to purchase now.