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We have almost 1000 trees spread over 4 ha, made up of the following four varieties:

Leccino (Italian variety)

Nose: Citrus, oranges, nuts and caramel
Palate: Nuts, milk chocolate, hot spices, chilli and rocket.
A medium pepperiness with a noticeable long finish. We find that the boldness of this oil makes it ideal as a dipping oil. With flavours this good all you need is some crusty bread and this delicious oil – just watch it disappear!


PICUAL (Spanish variety)

Nose: apples, tomato, strawberry and green melon.
Palate: green banana, bitter greens, spinach
A medium to robust pepperiness. Perfect as a base to your favourite sauces or ragùs. The sweetness combined with the fresh flavour is perfect in dishes such as gazpachos, pestos or added to a salad of plump tomatoes and fresh basil.


PICHOLINE (French variety)

Nose: Asparagus, lemon, lime, cut grass, lettuce.
Palate: cut grass, rocket, sorrel, spinach and green banana skins.
A robust, verging on hot pepperiness. If you like your oils ‘herbaceous’ or ‘grassy’ then this is the one for you! Wonderful sloshed over your favourite summer salad greens; or vegetable salads


FRANTOIO (Italian variety)

Nose: Apples, pears and nutmeg.
Palate: Sweet spices, nutmeg, melon, sorrel, rocket and chilli.
Another robust oil with a peppery, robust finish. This full bodied Italian varietal is best paired with hearty, rustic recipes – great drizzled over hot vegetables or fish. Taste this and think of Tuscany.


Use Loopline Olives Extra Virgin Olive Oil to enhance raw and cooked foods to add flavour and intensity.

Use Loopline Olives Extra Virgin Olive Oil to baste meat, fish or poultry before cooking to sear the natural flavours.

Slosh over raw and cooked vegetables.