Loopline Olives is a National & Internaional award winning Olivery in New Zealands Wairarapa region, producing four distinct varieties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Find out how Loopline Olives is making the news.

Award winning Olivery in New Zealand’s Wairarapa region

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A Gold Medal at the 2019 Official Index of the Worlds Best Olive Oils in New York and three Best in Show Awards, in five years and for different varieties, tells us that the Loopline Olives grove produces very special olive oils - Stephen Davies Howard

Loopline Olives is a National & International award winning Olivery in New Zealand's Wairarapa region, producing four distinct varieties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The Loopline Story

In April of 2019 the kaitiakitanga of the Loopline Olive Grove and brand was handed over to its new owner Stephen Davies Howard. Stephen feels a huge responsibility to maintain the award winning quality of Loopline Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO).

Stephen purchased the property from Mark and Kate Bunny who have owned the grove since 2009. The Bunny family was one of the early Wairarapa settlers, and Loopline Olives is on part of their original family farm.


Loopline Grove has embraced appropriate technology, like a tree-shaker harvester to pick the fruit at its prime. The olives are pressed locally the day they are picked for maximum freshness and quality and the oil is stored under Argon gas and bottled to order for better shelf life and to maintain its flavour. 


Our oils all proudly carry the red ‘Olives New Zealand Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil’ certification, proving it meets both national and international technical quality criteria for EVOO.

Stephen is a qualified olive oil sommelier and is happy to advise clients on their choice of oil to ensure that their expectations of this superb quality natural product are met.