Loopline Olives is a National & Internaional award winning Olivery in New Zealands Wairarapa region, producing four distinct varieties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Find out how Loopline Olives is making the news.

Award winning Olivery in New Zealand’s Wairarapa region

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Picholine 2018

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Nutty and herbaceous, some pepperiness

  • A French variety from Provence, this olive oil brings out the best in summer salads and vegetables
  • Aromas range from herbaceous to green bananas or asparagus with citrus notes
  • To taste, this versatile oil delivers delightfully nutty flavours and at times a hot pepperiness
  • Toss vegetables in the oil, cook in a medium-heat pan, and dress again in oil before serving.


500ml Bottle


    Best in Show 2018, Best in Class 2018, Gold (Olives New Zealand)

    Worlds Best Olive Oils Gold New York International Olive Oil Awards 2019


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