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Loopline Olives Shop

When you buy online from Loopline your oil is bottled to order.


As a qualified olive oil sommelier Stephen can help you choose oil that suits your taste, and expectations.


A tree-shaker was used to harvest the fruit at its prime, and the olives were pressed locally within hours of being picked for maximum freshness and quality. 


The oil is stored under argon gas, which sits above the oil preventing oxidation, until you use the last drops. 

This prolongs the oil’s exceptional qualities for you the consumer. 


Loopline Olives oils are all certified to carry the red ‘Olives New Zealand Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil’ label proving they have been independently tested, meet national and international criteria and truly qualify as ‘Extra Virgin’.

The certified qualities of each of Loopline Olives oils are proudly displayed on each product page.  

(swipe the picture to the left on your phone or click on the second image on your computer)

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